Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


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Why a ‘digital’ wedding registry is a great option for your destination wedding in Thailand

When I was planning my own destination wedding in Thailand, one of the questions I was asked most was; what can we give you? And; how do we give it to you?

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

When I was planning my own destination wedding in Thailand, one of the questions I was asked most was; what can we give you?  And; how do we give it to you?

Yes, whilst wedding etiquette has shifted considerably over the years, the tradition of gift-giving is constant – even if you’re having a destination wedding in Thailand.  And; where couples in the ’60s got what they were given, modern couples are asking for what they want; whether that be money, donations to a favourite charity or items included on a gift registry. 

When I was creating our Wed Away experiences, one of my goals was to make planning a destination wedding easy for couples and their guests.  Understandably, guests have a lot of questions about what to expect at your wedding in Thailand and that extends to gifts.

With your guests investing time and money to travel to your wedding, one option is to advise them, via your wedding invitation and your wedding website, that their presence is the best gift they could give you.  This is something your guests may appreciate.  However, most guests, and those you invite who can’t make it to your wedding, like to give you something.  Here we have some great options for gifts you will love to receive and are easy for your guests to give.

Show me the money

Money is a great option and gratefully received as a gift by many couples, but you don’t really want all that cash lying around your hotel room in Thailand.

Instead, make it easy for your guests by giving them away to electronically gift money.  PayPal and Honeyfund are two of our favourite ways to electronically receive money.   And you can make this idea even more fun and meaningful by letting guests know what you are going to do with the funds.  Are you saving for a house, your honeymoon (Honeyfund is perfect for this), or so you can start a family? 

Our couples can link cash registries like Paypal and Honeyfund to their wedding website, which they receive as part of the service we offer.  And you can include information about what you’re saving for, to help guests feel special about what they are contributing to. 

A second ‘feel good’ option for a monetary gift is to ask your guests to donate money to your favourite charity.  Again, these details can easily be added to your wedding website (we like making things easy for you).

Gift Ideas for Destination Weddings

A gift registry is the perfect option for those of you who would like your guests to be able to choose a physical gift for you. By adding a ‘gifts to be delivered after this date’ message to your invite or website your guests can send their gift to your home address, assured they will make it safely into your hands, on your return.  And; you will have the thrill of opening all of those lovely gifts on your return!

Wed Away Pro Tip:  upload photos of you opening your gifts onto your wedding website so the ‘gift-givers’ can see your excitement.

Our couples can link 1000’s of registries to their wedding website, which means each of your guests can find you the perfect gift.

Wed Away Favourites

Which gift does the Wed Away team prefer? 

We think any gift is a good gift when given with love and when you’ve made it easy for your destination wedding guests to choose, and deliver them to you.  And because we started out talking about etiquette, here’s another pro tip:  

Add ‘thanking your guests’ to your post-wedding to-do list.  You could even pop a thank you message up on your wedding website. Thank your guests as soon as you can upon your return so they aren’t left wondering whether their gift made it to you safely.

Wed Away’s Wedding Websites

We’ve made gift giving and receiving easy with our wedding website.  All Wed Away couples have a wedding website designed for them as part of our service.  Your wedding website makes it easy for you to communicate with your guests, before, during and after your wedding getaway.  You will also be able to collect your RSVP’s and dietary requirements via the website. I think my favourite feature is the ability for guests to upload the photos they take of your wedding via the App! No more ugly disposable cameras on tables, or having to rely on Aunty Jean to locate them all at the end of the night!  

Contact us to find out more about the features included with you your personalised wedding website and to enquire about getting married in Thailand with Wed Away.  


"If my fiancé, Sean, and I were asked to describe our experience with Wed Away in one word we agreed we’d say: MAGICAL. The entire process was enchanting and unlike anything we’ve ever been a part of." 

Three words:


"Planning weddings can be stressful and working with Ruth was by far the best choice we made. She will genuinely get to know you as a client, making the entire wedding planning experience much more intimate. Her personal touch transfers to how she works with Thailand venues and suppliers, to create an amazing experience. We felt Wed Away were by our sides every step of the way”

"By your side every step of the way"


Ruth is fully invested in presenting her wedding clients with the very best multi-day experiences. Ruth’s thorough first-hand knowledge of Thailand, her attention to detail, together with her close working relationships with the best suppliers in the region give Wed Away the foundation to confidently deliver her client’s requests. I highly recommend Wed Away if you’re looking for a personalised, private Thailand wedding experience you’ll love to remember!

"Love filled days on sun kissed shores."

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